Xango Juice Protocols

When Xango Juice was brought to market..first time for humans to be able to have access to whole food mangosteen…the company did extensive studies at laboratories to determine the best practices for best results with the juice. The goal was to establish how the human body would best absorb and utilize xanthones, the unique plant chemicals that mangosteen contains.   Several interesting facts emerged:

  • human body gets better results with the whole fruit liquid formula than from extracts of xanthones in powders and pills
  • humans absorb xanthones in low doses more effectively
  • 1-3 ounce servings are the most effective. Larger servings will not equate to better results.
  • half life, or time the body will make use of the xanthone serving, is between 3-5 hours.  Space out servings every few hours, in small ounce servings, for maximum benefit
  • there is no toxicity level
  • the juice is safe for children over 1 year and nursing babies will absorb xanthones through the mothers milk
  • the juice is safe for diabetics. They can start with an ounce a day as a food substitute and work their way up to 3 ounces per day

When you receive your Xango juice please SHAKE WELL before EACH serving. It is a wholefood puree and settles. REFRIGERATE after opening. Contact me here if you have questions.

    1. Tips and reminders on getting the best results >print> How to get the best results from mangosteen juice
    2. Anyone with health challenges should fill in this HealthEvaluation  for a bench mark of their symptoms and Doctor recommended serving suggestions
    3. Children and other  Serving Guidelines recommended by a Doctor
    4. Veterinarian recommended PETS servings
    5. In depth research on why whole food is best Why Whole Fruit
    6. Laboratory explanation of Xanthone Measurement & Bioavailablity
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