Training for Success

Our “Shopping Club” in Zija is fun, rewarding & easy to customize to your goals¬† CLICK HERE
Wanting more out of life? does this video HERE describe you? You can definitely craft a fresh multiple stream of income with our company and build something remarkable for yourself. Why wait! we pay every Friday and have all the support you need to succeed.
Once you make a decision to start, here are the core videos to train with. Watch them. Contact your support team, get all questions answered and get busy with money making activity! ūüôā
1- Your first 48 Hours in Business   (*NOTE the phone app is no longer in use) -call  upline after watching this and go over your why and goals.
2- Become familiar with your online office
3- Set up Shopping Carts to start earning
4- Fundamental Steps for Big Success. Learn skills from a real successful mentor!
5- Understand the Loyalty Rewards for great benefits
6-  Special Reports for serious building info (fast forward to start at 4.08 point).

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