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When your natural properties are powerful anti bacterial*, anti inflammatory* and Cox 2 inhibiting* (pain relief), you make a spectacular first aid friend!  In my household, there’s always a little shot glass of our choice of mangosteen juice on the countertop ready to apply to any bug bite, cut, scrape, rash or burn. It has proven SIGNIFICANTLY more effective for us than all the other topicals we used to get at the drug store. Contact me click here to try the product at the best wholesale prices

Here are a few photos of some of my partners results

Jean from TX- Two summers ago I was stung three times under my arm by yellow jackets. I ran for my bottle of mangosteen and poured some cold juice on a paper towel and held it on the stings. Within a minute or two the pain was gone. Last summer I stepped barefoot into a fire ant bed. I was stung 28 times. I again ran for my cold mangosteen as the burning began moving up my feet to my calf. I applied the cold juice again with a paper towel going back and forth for a couple of minutes until the pain was totally gone. I could count the bites because of the red spots. Never formed any heads except on one bite and they never itched. Usually fire ant bites itch for weeks. A M A Z I N G!!

Catherine from Ontario- My daughter had various mosquito bites all over her legs. I rubbed some of the mangosteen pericarp oil over her bites and her legs stopped itching right away. Seeing this effect, I also tried it on my mosquito bites and mine stopped itching right away as well. Very amazing!!!

Susan from WI-Over the weekend, my 3 year old granddaughter was stung on her upper lip by a bee. She immediately started to scream and the bite had a white circle around it. I ran into the house not knowing if she would have an allergic reaction. Her upper lip swelled a bit and the white spot and sting was still there. After I calmed her, I asked if she would drink some mangosteen juice and let me apply the pericarp oil. After doing both, in 2 minutes she was off and playing and no sign of any issues or bites within an hour.

Terry from Kentucky-I was introduced to Mangosteen Juice from a doctor friend who was treating me for a severe broken great toe (big toe) on my left foot. It was broke in 12 places and was swollen like a dark burnt sausage. Nothing was getting the swelling down. After drinking the Mangosteen Juice for 10 days the swelling was completely gone. My toe healed stronger than before the breaks. I got my whole family on the juice. We all practice competitive Tae Kwon Do and get minor injuries often. Mangosteen Juice helps with the pain, swelling and  bruising*

Gene from Canada: Auto immune disease ..robust health returns within months*

Sever eczema before and after with Sophia*.

RESEARCH on mangosteen helps prevent cavities>>Anti Bacterial in dental use 

*to see published research backing visit and do a search for mangosteen/xanthones

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