Tax Relief

Tax pain! Tax relief! which one describes your life? Fact is, employees pay the highest percentage of taxes and have the least amount of legitimate write offs. Business owners, for understandable reasons, have more legitimate write offs.

Filing your annual Tax Return can be fun! The Government allows significant tax breaks for part time Home Based Businesses because they contribute to the economy. Thousands of smart employees start a part time home business, spend a few hours a week building it & claim tax write offs not available from their job/employment. It’s simple to do and can be rewarding socially as well as financially. 

Take a few minutes each week or month, to record your expenses & avoid the agony of a pile of receipts at tax time. I asked my accountant to make me an excel Doc that self totals and now it easy for me to track my expenses. There are cool apps that will keep track of expenses and give you a running total of the approximate refund you could be in store for!! very motivating to stay on top of data entry on the app!!  Click these 2 links for documents about some legitimate tax savings home business owners can claim. 1- TAX WRITEOFFs. 2-  Tax Savings=YES YOU CAN.

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If you are looking to take advantage of home business write offs, contact me here to discuss.  I can offer you support from our partners decades of experience

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I AM NOT AN ACCOUNTANT, and I have never done my own taxes…I always consult a professional at Tax time and I encourage you to also.

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