Tax Relief

Tax pain! Tax relief! which one describes your life? Fact is, employees pay the highest percentage of taxes & usually have no legitimate write offs. Business owners, for understandable reasons, have more legitimate write offs. Employees need a simple side hustle for Tax relief!

Filing your annual Tax Return can be fun! Thousands of smart employees start a part time home business, spend a few hours a week building it & claim tax write offs not available from their job/employment. It’s simple to do,  rewarding socially as well as financially & fully legitimate from the Government Tax Code.

—Take a few minutes each week or month, to record your expenses & avoid the agony of a pile of receipts at tax time.

—Ask your accountant to make an excel Doc that self totals & is easy to track expenses.

—Or get a phone app that will keep track of expenses & give you a running total of the approximate refund you could be in store for!!

2 links to documents about legitimate tax savings home business owners can claim. 1- TAX WRITEOFFs. 2–  Tax Savings=YES YOU CAN.

— CLICK HERE to learn more about KEEPING MORE OF  YOUR MONEY year after year.

—I AM NOT AN ACCOUNTANT, & I always hire a professional to do my taxes… I encourage you to also.

—CLICK HERE to find out how others are planning for their financial health.

Partner with my team of experienced hustlers, take advantage of our support & the high value of the company we represent – As an industry professional for over a decade now, I am available  for free consultations and Q&A if you are seriously looking. 

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