Whats in Your Tap Water?

Tap water has managed to benefit from the false idea that it is completely safe and clean for the average household to drink on a daily basis. What you may not know, is the various types of microorganisms camping-out in your tap water being consumed each and every day.

Are you aware that the amount of pesticide/chemical run off, and drugs that ends up in our water has dramatically increased in the last couple decades???  It’s time to search out a way to purify our tap water! Can you believe that water treatment plants do not need to test for the drugs in the water and their technology cannot remove them anyhow?!?! Most municipal water plants were set up decades ago…long before drugs and chemical residues ran into the water supply. Water plants do a good job for what they were designed for, but today’s reality requires taking responsibility to purify tap water from home.  I now use the affordable, portable, state of the art Morcler and the water is delicious! All my drinks and cooking tastes better as well…and I feel relieved to know the Morcler 6 stages RO does the best job of purifying and is better than it’s competitors.

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