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Freedom My Story

There are polls/surveys that say over 70% of people wish they could own their own business rather than work for someone else. One friend of mine told me she used to “have the widget dream” ALL the time…you know, that invention of yours, that IF ONLY…….& the years go by…So what stops people from launching a  biz? No useful ideas? no start up capital? no time?  no courage? The vast majority of us are raised and educated in the employee paradigm and…

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Mangosteen Testimonial Video

This video is dedicated to sharing about the power of natural health supplements. Real people & practicing medical professionals, including Veterinarians in the USA, share their first hand testimonials on how mangosteen has impacted their lives. Enjoy this movie of real people sharing their remarkable personal stories. Mangosteen was named the Queen of fruits, and has a massive arsenal of natural phytochemicals within it…more than any other known fruit or vegetable. Xanthones, are the most powerful of these nutrients. Mangosteen…

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Natural CBD Support for Mental Health

Depressed?  Anxious? Sleeping poorly? Some people are often too sad, or exhausted to even lift a finger to do anything to help themselves. And highly anxious people are often too entwined in mental drama they forget to do self care. A simple, once a day, ‘peel and stick on the Entune square’ might just make the difference between inaction, and uplifting into some positive action. A simple habit to start that an individual or concerned care giver can remember! Stick…

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