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Deadly Medicines & Better Solutions

Common medications deplete your body of vital nutrients essential to your health*. Side effects from drug therapy may not be directly caused by the drug itself, but rather result from nutritional deficiencies caused by the drug over time+. There are a large number of studies in scientific literature reporting on drug-induced depletion of nutrients. Is this information not been communicated to patients when prescribed drugs? Every individual who takes medications should have this information.  Know the facts & use the right…

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Unique Arsenal of Nutrients

As early as 600 AD, scribes recorded the use of the mangosteen in Southeast Asia where it was revered for good health.  The xanthone packed pericarp or rind has been used traditionally to treat a variety of health conditions. MANGOSTEEN contains a vast arsenal of phyto nutrients..more than any other known fruit or vegetable. Xanthones, are UNIQUE to mangosteen. The Patented original whole fruit formula of mangosteen has such a wide variety of nutrition, I consider it an irreplaceable powerhouse. Try it &…

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