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Stimulate Collagen Naturally

After the age of 25, our body slows down it’s production of collagen about 1-2% per year. Collagen is an essential building block for elasticity & is able to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Collagen is a large molecule and does not penetrate the epidermis easily. Skin care that is formulated well, with the right amino acids, peptides and proteins will interact with your skin cells & stimulate collagen synthesis naturally. These 2 products contains the right…

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Mangosteen Wellness

Prevention for Women

Anti cancer research from the last 5 years specific to women’s health are good to know about!  I like to share with others who see value in wholefood supplements & have a mindset of prevention. 1- Breast & Colon rectal Cancer: ‘Cancer has proceeded to surpass one of the most chronic illnesses to be the major cause of mortality in both the developing and developed world..mangostana fruit hulls..a natural cytotoxic agent against various cancers.. for the scientific rationale of using G. mangostana in anti-cancer treatment. 2- Breast Cancer: mangosteen ‘may…

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Topical Results

When your natural properties are powerful anti bacterial*, anti inflammatory* and Cox 2 inhibiting* (pain relief), you make a spectacular first aid friend!  In my household, there’s always a little shot glass of our choice of mangosteen juice on the countertop ready to apply to any bug bite, cut, scrape, rash or burn. It has proven SIGNIFICANTLY more effective for us than all the other topicals we used to get at the drug store. Contact me click here to try the product at the best wholesale prices…

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