Managing your body’s immune response is key to increase disease resistance as we age
You may be inconvenienced by a mild fever or a creaky joint. More worrisome words to hear are cancer, heart disease, dementia, diabetes. But researchers have suspected for years that all of these health issues, and more, have at their heart one common trigger: low-grade inflammation.

Inflammation can be good and bad! Know the difference!
When you catch the flu and your body temperature rises to fight the virus. That’s a form of inflammation. So is the redness and swelling that occur when you sprain your ankle; it’s the process your body uses to provide the healing chemicals and nutrients needed to help repair the damage. These are examples of acute inflammation, a temporary, helpful response to an injury or illness. Once the danger goes away, so does the inflammation.
Chronic inflammation, on the other hand, is a slow, creeping condition caused by a misfiring of the immune system that keeps your body in a constant, long-term state of high alert. Is has been called THE SILENT KILLER.

Why is chronic low-grade inflammation a problem? When cells are in distress, they release chemicals that alert the immune system. White blood cells then flood the scene, & work to eat up bacteria, viruses, damaged cells etc from an infection or injury. They may even call in backup cells known as neutrophils, which are the hand grenades of the immune system — they blow up everything in sight, healthy or not. Each neutrophil has a short life span, but in chronic inflammation, they continue to be sent in long after the real threat is gone, causing damage to the healthy tissue that remains. The inflammation can start attacking the linings of your arteries or intestines, the cells in your liver and brain, or the tissues of your muscles and joints. This inflammation-caused cellular damage can trigger diseases like diabetes, cancer, dementia, heart disease, arthritis and depression.
And because it’s low grade, its slow and secret nature makes it hard to diagnose in day-to-day life. You have no idea it’s even happening until those conditions show symptoms.


The antioxidants in natural products will help to mitigate the cellular damage created by inflammation & can lower chronic inflammation to a healthy level.

Mangosteen, Moringa &  CBD have proven their ability to lower chronic inflammation, and we have heard thousands of testimonials! Science also continues to prove this.

  • Mangosteen unique xanthones have lots of science  proving anti-inflammatory work CLICK HERE. My fave paper, proves daily use of mangosteen juice works to lower inflammation click here. The mangosteen juice I prefer to use contains the entire mangosteen fruit including pericarp for FULL xanthone content. VIDEO
  • Moringa also has powerful research CLICK HERE. Supermix stands above all other moringa supplements because it contains all parts of the tree including many wonderful compounds. VIDEO 
  • CBD is an exciting health discovery with a growing body of evidence it too assists to balance the body and reduce unhealthy inflammation CLICK HERE. The Entune patch is my favourite form of CBD delivery because it is the easiest to use…simply peel and stick! VIDEO

Simple to add into your lifestyle, convenient, reliable results and exceptional manufacturing is why I use these products daily.  At my annual check ups, I find my body is  maintaining safe, healthy levels of internal inflammation. SHOP CLICK HERE. PERSONALIZE THE CART TO THE PRODUCTS YOU CHOOSE.

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