How’s Saving Working Out?

Check out this Royal Bank of Canada suggestion if you “need income”. Placard they had set out on the sidewalk by their bank so I took the photo below!!! Ha ha. Let’s pretend you wanted a bit more income than $410.89 per month, or during retirement…how about a modest $3000.00/month so you could live somewhere other than on a park bench!

That will require about 8x the photo suggested bank savings to generate, so $800,000.00 in the bank. If you are “saving for retirement” how well is that working out for you? Or maybe you’re stashing money in an RSP/401K. Have you ever figured out just how much you’d need in your RSP/401K to make sure you live the lifestyle you want? Contact the pension providers, call your investor & find out!!!  

Most of us are not sitting on hundreds of thousands in the bank. Most of us do not have a real plan to generate that kind of income either. What we really need is a simple way to increase our cashflow. The easiest way I know to generate reliable income is a shopping club Network that offers generous rebates, as well as weekly cashflow for referrals. You’re buying these kind of products anyhow, so why not embrace the convenience of shopping online from  your own store & then sharing this news with others. Better quality products, delivered to your door, & every one get’s theirs paid for then generates weekly income.

Saving sounds like an admirable idea. But increasing cashflow now & for retirement is actually a better idea & lot more fun. 

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