Retirement Income Planning

It is somewhat humorous that 34% of the populace look at winning the lottery in order to have a grand retirement.

Can you afford to retire?

Retirement Planning survey from BMO Financial Group, March 2014
• CPP (gvnmt pension): 90%
• RRSPs: 88%
• Part-time job: 59%
• Sell home: 49%
• Win lottery: 34%

Who is really looking forward to their retirement years? Retirement is the time in life when we put away the work boots & enjoy life — taking trips to tropic locations, maybe touring Europe, or finally buying that luxury car we could never afford. And, of course, we can spend more time with family. It’s the life we’ve dreamed of, as promised by those popular Freedom 55 and Pacific Life insurance company commercials. Yes?!?

Relying on Government pensions only renders a crumby retirement lifestyle. Millions of people have gone through their working years with only that as their fall back plan. 90% of them according to the stats.  I encourage you to inquire what your monthly income will be from Pensions and RRSP/401Ks…you might be surprised.

Read this Forbes-Article written by retirement activist Robert Laura. Robert dug in & got the real scoop on how business from home, network marketing, can be one of the most significant solutions to retirement planning in more ways than you might first expect!! 

My story click here, is a journey to build financial wellness & live dignified golden years. I now help other people do what the FORBES article talks about….& it is so much more than just income. The joy of good health & a wellness shopping club biz has given me a community of like minds to spend time with & is providing reliable monthly cash flow. I am confident of glorious golden years! If you are curious about how it works, I am available for consultations and Q&A. 

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