Radium in your Tap Water

In 2008 the U.S. Geological Survey found 85 man-made chemicals were leaking through the municipality water filtration systems and into your drinking water. These man-made chemicals largely include plastic byproducts and pharmaceuticals. Since this report in 2008, which looked across 9 states, additional studies have revealed that 46 million people are exposed daily to dozens of pharmaceuticals and over 170 million North  Americans exposed to radioactive contaminants known to cause cancer in their daily drinking water. CBS news clip here.  Are you only using tap water at home? click here

Bottled Water is not the Answer 
Many people believe the best option to circumvent the contaminated water is to purchase bottled water. Unfortunately, this is not the case. In many ways, bottled water is the same water that comes from the tap. Class action lawsuits against Nestle for illegally mislabeling their bottled water as “spring water” claiming that the bottled water is collected from Maine’s most populous counties. Furthermore, Dasani and Aquafina readily admit to getting their from municipality sources in California. Bottled water, in many ways, is not only water from city taps, the transportation of it in plastic allows for the leaching of plastic chemicals, such as BPA, into your water, and may be contributing to estrogen induced weight gain and struggles getting pregnant!!!!!

Bottled water is not only over-priced tap water in many ways, it is also damaging the environment. Read more here. Each year 1.6 million tons of plastic from bottled water ends up in lakes, streams and oceans. Bottled water also is an energy drain, requiring 2000 times more energy to create a gallon of bottled water than a gallon of tap water. Finally, the amount of air and water pollution from making plastic water bottles is 100 times greater than a glass bottle. Bottled water is not only killing our bodies, it is damaging the environment and adding even more pollutants into our body.

Many water filters over promise
The best solution to both your body and the environment is utilizing an in-home water filtrations system. Utilizing in-home filtration systems allows one to save the damaging effects of plastic on their body, while also being able to remove many of the pharmaceutical and radioactive elements that are in our city drinking water. Unfortunately, many filtration systems simply aren’t delivering on the promise of clean water and are leaving many of the toxic pharmaceutical compounds in your water to drink.

Interestingly, many of the most powerful filtration “systems” out there are found in nature. For example, numerous scientific studies have been able to demonstrate that botanicals have natural purifying properties. Most notably, Moringa oleifera seeds have been used for thousands of years to purify the drinking water of rivers. The power of this is very cool to watch click here. New innovations to help purify water are gaining traction as many common filtration systems are known to pollute the water further with bleach and other toxic chemicals. Watch below video about the most affordable and highest performing, new, home water purifying system.  Contact me here to discuss.

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