Stimulate Collagen Naturally

After the age of 25, our body slows down it’s production of collagen about 1-2% per year. Collagen is an essential building block for elasticity & is able to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Collagen is a large molecule and does not penetrate the epidermis easily. Skin care that is formulated well, with the right amino acids, peptides and proteins will interact with your skin cells & stimulate collagen synthesis naturally.

This peoduct contains the right ingredients to wake up your collagen!  Mangosteen Pericarp Oil  gets exceptional results.

Mangosteen Pericarp Oil is formulated in Japan by Dr. Futamura, PhD. The mangosteen is fermented over many days so all the nutrients are transferred into the oil.

 This unique formula has a “low molecular weight” which is rare for an oil as it absorbs immediately into the skin delivering the nutrients of the pure essence of mangosteen: a richly concentrated xanthone oil.  What will it do for you?
-Helps to restore the skin to firm, radiant and healthy condition
-Brings balance while soothing challenged skin conditions  by calming inflammation
-Strengthens and stimulates collagen production*
-Safe for family use and anywhere on the body

* The in-vitro studies shows how it calms inflammation and helps to restore and rebuild collagen.  It is also quickly helps soothe burns, stings, cuts and any inflammation on the skin….including help with scars.

Beautiful, affordable product that will dramatically enhance your skin. Buy click here

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