What’s Your Money Style?

Most of us start our money acquiring as an employee…responsible to a manager, & trading hours of our time for dollars. Most of us remain with this style of moneySome of us, as I did, by becoming a freelance performing musician, enter the world of the self employed or small business. Here we find out about tax breaks we weren’t allowed as employees.. but we are still in the “hours for dollars” money style. Show up, or no money. Doctors, Lawyers, hairdressers, landscapers,  etc etc all have to show up to get paid and small business owners with a few employees also usually have a time intensive money style. Some of us, look longingly at the Big Business Owners money style and think “if only I’d been Bill Gates/Henry Ford etc”. We can see the lifestyle of freedom big business owners have and often, it feels unobtainable to us. And the money style of Investors , well now, there’s a real mystery for most of us!

Often after a few decades of extreme effort, responsibility and diligence trading time for dollars on the left side of the cash flow quadrant we are exhausted. Why? because as hard as we worked, the end of every month, every year, looked the same as the last one… the time  all  bills are paid and we lived modestly, our bank account is done.  

“Money isn’t everything, but it ranks right up there with oxygen”  I laughed out loud when I first heard that quote. It’s true!  But some people resign themselves to not acquiring the money they once wished for, and they settle for only quoting the first half of the sentence. 

I was introduced to home business in network marketing. I read a number of success stories.  I got my questions answered, learned about the profit-sharing and understand this was a business model with a money style, passive residual income, I had not yet experienced. It was thrilling to learn this money style was available, from a Home Business that I would own! This was my chance to cross over to the right hand side of the cash flow quadrant and experience the lifestyle freedom of a leveraged Big Business Owner. Skill-wise, I was ignorance on fire when I started my Home Business but in my heart, I had “won the lottery”.. I could dream of a great retirement now.  I could actually anticipate reaching freedom… where my time schedule was set by myself and my income surpassed the monthly bills.

Most of us are educated to become employees in the E money style and some of us wrestle our way to the S. It’s the mindset/heart/skill set of the B, that allows for passive/royalty income & wealthy money style. If you don’t seek after it, you will never experience it. Look in the mirror and get honest!!! Safety, security and being the best are often ‘way over rated as life experiences….freedom, and the masterminding synergy of like-minded souls reaching for wealth is invigoratingly delicious.

Very little in life and education has prepared us to succeed in network marketing  and that’s OK. It’s a learn as you earn business. Facts are $182 billion dollars annually pays out to home business networkers, and that is a lot of money. The industry has seen hockey stick growth since it’s inception in the 1950’s. Get the facts from people who are succeeding. If you hunger to add to your money styles experience, let’s get your questions answered! Or you can start now..use referral code 112625775 at  Let’s start a conversation CONTACT ME HERE


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