Love Your Lips

These are the best, by FAR, lip balms I have ever used. They’re almost twice the size of store bought ones!! If you want healthy looking, plumped lips then check these out. 

GenM®  Lip Balm with Améo® Essential Oils provides a pleasant, cooling sensation, along with protecting qualities supplied by Moringa oleifera butter esters. The lip balm contains a natural volumizing extract and antioxidant protection that promotes fuller, more healthy-looking lips. 

Orange-Eucalyptus or Lavender-Honey are infused with essential oils and

  • Enriched with Moringa oleifera butter esters which contains an abundance of vitamins A, C & E & bioflavonoids. It promotes collagen production
  • Contain natural lip volumizer Sea Fern Algae & with daily use, lips can appear 3%-4% fuller, naturally! 
  • Natural antioxidants deliver needed daily skin nutrition
  • Orange/Eucalyptus essential oils for refreshing & cooling, Lavender essential oil for calming & honey for protection. Cocoa Mint for super critical oil protection 

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