Mangosteen Wellness

Inflammation Control

There’s a lot of good news about naturally reducing harmful inflammation. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know how harmful long term drug use can be. Click here if you don’t know. Often drug interventions do not solve the problems underlying bad inflammation, & merely mask symptoms contributing to further damage. 

I am aware of 2 potent botanicals scientifically proven to lower inflammation markers. Plants that have effective, lasting impact. Better designed products have helped thousands of people, to solve health problems, & minimize damaging long term inflammation pain and swelling*. Over 2 decades of use around the world with amazing results. 

Mangosteen has numerous research papers proving it helps mitigate inflammation. The latest one click here showed that natural mangosteen did a BETTER JOB than synthetic drugs, in lowering inflammation.  Good, current article here about mangosteen. This one proved significant anti inflammatory work and also protecting the joints click here. Multiple research articles on efficacy against inflammation click here

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