Health Support for Men

Men.. is maintaining peak health on your to-do list? This is not a lecture, it’s some simple, but powerful tips, to add into a busy life, & conveniently cover the bases for body maintenance.

Your prostate. Researchers have proven multiple times xanthones from mangosteen kill prostate cancer & reduce inflammation markers. Forget waiting decades for the drug companies to synthesize a drug, Instead keep a delicious bottle of whole fruit mangosteen juice in the frig & take a swig morning & evening. Check out the research to motivate you to hit the bottle daily for prevention!

Your Heart. As you sip your mangosteen juice each day it’s good to know the heart benefits too.

  • Protects against hypertension & releases heart healthy nitric oxide click here
  • Significant myocardial relaxation ability from mangosteen click here,
  • Suppresses hardening of the arteries.. atherosclerosis click here

Your Six pack & Sex Drive. Love handles do not contribute to the drive! Take a look around at most men over 40 today & we see bloated waist & belly. There’s loads of reasons why, but there’s really only one sustainable method to get rid of unhealthy flab…LIFESTYLE involving protein pacing, proper nutrition, exercise + intermittent nutrient supported cleansing. These things are easier than you would think when using our system. CLICK HERE & scroll testimonials plus watch the video 

.Your Hairline. Stop hair loss, increase regrowth & use functional nutrition tablets to keep your hair sexy! Healthy, Natural & clinically proven to make a big difference CLICK HERE for video, info on ingredients & testimonial photos too

.Your Critical Supplements. You know you should be taking Omega’s, minerals & vitamins but no-one wants to fumble with a bunch of bottles daily. Buy these Complete Essentials for convenient daily packs…keep them in the car/truck/desk/backpack/briefcase/tool box for balanced, full spectrum micronutrients. Check out the ingredients at this link MENS ESSENTIALS profile..buying all that individually would cost much more than the Essentials daily packs. Just buy them..use them…be glad it’s convenient.

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  • Grace HICKSON
    June 21, 2022 at 10:43 am

    What a great article Brenda; thank you!!