Dumb Things We Women Do

Making foolish financial moves, instead of making a choice.1

Money can make people do really dumb things! Lottery winners or those who come into a substantial inheritance — studies show that about 70 percent of people who suddenly receive a windfall of cash will lose it within a few years Why? They likely had little to no financial education, and end up making foolish purchases while simultaneously allowing friends and family members to suck them dry.

 I do not consider myself exempt from being a financial dummy at times in my life!  I’ve also witnessed, time and time again, other women doing foolish, overly emotional things with money. Women are not stupid — but too often a lack of financial literacy, emotional issues or fear, women can make devastating financial decisions. 

We marry for money.

We stay in bad relationships afraid we can’t make it on our own.

We let “experts”  make our financial decisions because we don’t think we’re smart enough..

We accept the myth that men are better with money or investing.

We don’t challenge a partner’s financial decisions because we don’t want to bruise an ego.

We settle for “OK” in life when what we really want is “Great.”

We sell ourselves short.

We put up with inequalities on the job, just for a paycheck.

We often look to the future and think, “Someday …”

Anyone been guilty of any of these thoughts or behaviors? The real shame, is the toll these kind of thoughts take on our self-esteem, our confidence, and our self-worth. We all deserve more! Everyone, including women, needs to take control of their lives for dignity, self-respect & to proudly achieve financial independence.


At one time, it was an actual expectation that women would be financially dependent on someone else. In today’s society, that dependence can be a very dangerous position in which to put yourself. Sure you could continue to rely on a partner for your financial security — but what happens if he dies, leaves you, or loses his job? Who’s going to step in and keep paying your bills? Why count on someone else to create your financial freedom?

So what is your ultimate decision? Do you seek financial independence and make your own dreams come true? Or do you seek financial dependence and want to just go through your days hoping for the best?
It’s a conscious choice, and one every woman must decide for herself. If you choose financial dependence, you are essentially agreeing to allow someone else to be responsible for your well-being — and you’ll have to accept the good and bad consequences that go along with that decision.

If, instead, your choice is financial independence, then you are choosing long-term freedom over short-term comfort. Choosing the harder road upfront, with a lot of hard work, will result in an easier, more rewarding life in the future. AND, in today’s world, most men are grateful for women working towards equality in their relationships. I watched an audience of women being asked 2 questions.. 

Question 1- “who thinks keeping their own last name when getting married rather than take the mans name is a good idea?” almost every woman raised her hand YES to that idea. 

Question 2- “who thinks signing a pre-nup agreement to refuse spousal support if a divorce was to happen is a good idea?” Almost every women did NOT raise her hand to this question! WHY NOT? because women and girls are often still led to consider men their “money train” and they fear to support themselves.  

I have no doubt that any woman who truly commits to taking control of her own financial future will succeed — women are doing it every day! So, which road will you choose? If you are ready to reach for more freedom maybe it’s time to start a Side Hustle click here

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