Mangosteen Wellness

Insulin resistant diabetes – botanical help

World wide, diabetes has adversely affected millions of lives. Science is proving that natural products may assist with diabetic symptoms.

1- Scientists proved that xanthones from mangosteen were able to lessen/weaken obesity related inflammation and insulin resistance. Click here to see that research report.

2- Chronic inflammation in adipose (connective) tissue is critical in the onset and development of insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. This study was designed to identify xanthones from G. mangostana, which could ameliorate (improve/make better) adipose tissue inflammation. The RESULTS proved that xanthones “orchestrates the inflammatory responses..& attenuates (weakens/lessens) adipose tissue inflammation”  CLICK HERE for that research.

3- Positive results and excellent safety profile in supplementing mangosteen extracts in the treatment of obesity, insulin resistance, and inflammation. CLICK HERE for that research

4-  Improving insulin secretion in pancreatic cells and protecting cells from apoptotic (cancer) damage.  CLICK HERE for that research.

5- Inhibit diabetic glomerulosclerosis condition (neuropathy) & may help increase helpful kidney cells click here for that research  

This could be good news for people who appreciate the value of using natural supplements as a part of their lifestyle. 
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