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Insulin resistant diabetes – botanical help

World wide, diabetes has adversely affected millions of lives. Science is proving that natural products may assist with diabetic symptoms.

1- Scientists proved that xanthones from mangosteen were able to lessen/weaken obesity related inflammation and insulin resistance. Click here to see that research report.

2- Chronic inflammation in adipose (connective) tissue is critical in the onset and development of insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. This study was designed to identify xanthones from G. mangostana, which could ameliorate (improve/make better) adipose tissue inflammation. The RESULTS proved that xanthones “orchestrates the inflammatory responses..& attenuates (weakens/lessens) adipose tissue inflammation”  CLICK HERE for that research.

3- Positive results and excellent safety profile in supplementing mangosteen extracts in the treatment of obesity, insulin resistance, and inflammationCLICK HERE for that research

4-  Improving insulin secretion in pancreatic cells and protecting cells from apoptotic (cancer) damage.     CLICK HERE for that research.

5- Inhibit diabetic glomerulosclerosis condition (neuropathy) & may help increase helpful kidney cells click here for that research  

6- Moringa Oliefera also can help with diabetes. Click here to read it helps ameliorate (improve/make better) glucose intolerance

7- Anemia is common among people with diabetes. Leukocytes (a white blood cell involved in immune responses) and platelets may also be decreased by high blood sugar levels. Oral administration of peppermint essential oil not only reduced high blood sugar, but it also reversed anemia and decreases in leukocytes and platelets. In addition it enhanced antioxidant activity to protect the liver and pancreas. CLICK HERE

This could be good news for people who appreciate the value of using natural supplements as a part of their lifestyle. 
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