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from Stefaan in Belgium:  2 weeks ago, I got the chance to test out an Entune cbd patch. 5 months ago, I had shoulder surgery to try to correct a problem. Every since the surgery, I still have pain in my arm. Half an hour after I put the Entune on my upper arm, the pain in my arm was as good as gone!! The intention is to leave the Entune on for 24 hours and then replace it. I removed the patch after 24 hours, and it took 12 hours before the pain came back. I didn’t wake up that night because of pain like all the other nights. It’s a fantastic product with a very quick & long lasting effect. Experience yourself what this améo Entune can do for you by testing it out.’   


from Diane in Belgium: ‘regarding the Entune patches Fantastic! Everything that was promised is true. Delivered Entune stickers yesterday and tried it out in the evening. Almost immediately started to take off the pain to my knee. Had a very good night without sleep interruption and pain and now the Entune is still working on… will definitely be continued.’ Update over the last 24 hrs wearing the patch I slept the deepest sleep for the first time in ages,  I suffer with fibromyalgia and have done for years coping with pain has been something off a normal thing for me..I have elbow, hip pain and thigh pain after using the CBD Entune patch for the first time in years I’m feeling relaxed no restless leg 90% diminished body pain for the first time in years. I’m looking forward to the CBD Ameo Entune to continue with its magic.
from Tish Black-Hughes in Cypress: ”PTL!!! LOOK at my MIRACULOUS results from wearing the CBD Entune for just 8 days!!!  My lymphedema and RSD / CRPS is so much better!  I have NO PAIN, VERY LITTLE redness and/or swelling and BEST OF ALL, NO SENSITIVITY!  I’ve been able to SLEEP UNDER SHEETS/blankets!!  This is AMAZINGLY INCREDIBLE!!!  And come to think of it I’ve had NO FIBROMYALGIA FLAREUPS or RLS – Restless Leg Syndrome episodes and have slept like a baby for OVER A WEEK!!!  HALLELUJAH!!!”


from Dr Brian John Lee: ‘Long week in surgery this week and finished with 7 hours of cases today. This photo is in a mirror and shows an AMEO CBD ENTUNE Transdermal square on my right epichondylitis (tennis elbow, not from tennis, but from surgery) and an old hockey injury of a Grade 2 AC separation of left shoulder that is greatly exacerbated by using the lighted mammary retractor ruminating as pain in my left shoulder. Today I used two Entune Squares over these areas and breezed through the day finishing an hour and a half early with excellent results for all! I am a B.LEE’ver!  No oily and nasty taste of CBD oil under my tongue like I had before. Thanks to Zija for bringing scientifically validated products to us.’
from Trudy in MI: “Today marks my 14th day of wearing the Entune CBD square.
Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my overall improvement. Nightly leg cramps have virtually disappeared, only a couple of minor foot cramps. My chronic backache has subsided; i was able to pull weeds for over two hours yesterday, feeling no back discomfort at all. I do not feel any arthritis in my hands. I have been sleeping better. And Mike tells me I have a more pleasant disposition. All in all I could not have asked for anything better! I think I have convinced Mike to start on the square for his leg and back pain. So thank you so much for the recommendation.”
from Pam Ruffin in her own words:
“I need a $250,000 spinal fusion. 2 crushed lumbar, Spinal stenosis and cervical vertebrae covered in bone spurs. I cannot take opiates. I’d rather die lol. They make me so sick even with nausea meds. I have been enduring this pain for almost 2 years with nothing for pain. I also could barely turn my head. Within 15 minutes after applying the Entune Square, every place in my entire body where I had pain before, I felt a warm, tingling sensation, that spread throughout from head to toe. The pain was non existent within 40 minutes!! I had full range of motion in my neck as well. Next morning I was able to get out of bed with no assistance and walk immediately.” 

Rachael shares her anxiety relief experience….

“I didn’t realize how much I was still struggling with my anxiety until this past month. Years ago I was put on a prescription medication for my anxiety and it turned into a nightmare of an experience. The side effects were awful and coming off the medication was one of the worse experiences I’ve ever been through. I remember telling Dion that I wouldn’t blame him if he left me, I didn’t even want to be around myself. After this experience I swore I would never take another prescription medication for my anxiety, I’d just have to learn to deal with it. Over the last several years of giving my body the nutrition it needs and using essential oils, I’ve been able to deal with it. But this past month of using the Entune CBD square has really made me open my eyes to how much I’ve been struggling.
I’ve dealt with depression since I was young and the anxiety for many years. Now I have a sense of peace that I never even knew was possible and I feel happy. I’m also sleeping better and find that I have more energy at the end of the day and the tension in my neck is much less. But the best part for me is the calmness and having that joyful feeling (never thought I’d be saying that! Lol)
It’s these things that drive me each day to want to help others. For so many years I didn’t have hope, I was just struggling to get by. But this journey just keeps getting better and I want to give others hope. The Entune square has been the missing link that I didn’t even realize I was missing and I am so thankful.


From Jennifer: This little Entune Square can do so much!!!! Maddox has always struggled with sleeping so much so we’ve used melatonin for two years now😕  From the start of using the square he’s been sleeping through the night. I’m getting more sleep than I have 4 years!!


from Robert Kwasny‘I’m as healthy as a horse, — 67 soon enough — and by my 3rd square noticed an interesting calmness and clarity — THAT I didn’t expect… actually had NO idea what a healthy, not sore, not aching, active 67 year old WOULD be able to DETECT… and since everything else has remained unchanged — I have to say with absolute certainty… this effect is most pleasant and desirable! Wondering if by the 6th Square if there will be more noticeable goodness… but by day 4… the ENTUNE has already made a believer and advocate out of me! The other cool thing is I left the first one on 4 days. Survived shower and two really long hot tub sessions of 103 degrees without curling up and falling off… which totally surprised me. So I thought, OMG 4 showers and 2 hot tub sessions… will I need a chisel to get this thing off me? Funny thing was, band aids fall off all the time, or have to be ripped off… this was such a nice easy removal I was stunned that it adhered through all of the trials I put it through!!!’
from Mazie’s parents
‘Mazie is 11 years old, and yes, she has started her cycle…long story short, it has been bad..& I mean really bad every month. Last night Jason  got tired of hearing about cramps & stomach aches so he popped an Entune square on her!! 👉👉 in less than 10 minutes ALL her female complaints were gone!!! I checked on her and she said ‘Mom I am going to bed. I feel so good & my cramps are gone’. I am VERY thankful for the Entune squares and for a natural healthy alternative to a pre-teens cycle issues. Usually Mazie hurts every month and it goes on for days. She has even had to miss school some months. This morning we woke up…no cramps!!! 

from Kelly– Just received this email testimony!! God Is Good! ❤️❤️
‘I have suffered with Migraines for years where at times they would be a daily occurrence. This past Monday started with a migraine and it continued and lingered thru to the wee hours of Wednesday morning and it came with a vengeance. At 5am I was on the floor crawling to the bathroom to hug porcelain and then get up and ready to begin a day of caring for my 99 year old neighbor lady. My lady had a hair appointment after lunch with Kelly her hair dresser, and so we went and my migraine still lingered. I was not my chipper cheery self which Kelly noticed and she told me she had something to help. Kelly applied the Ameo square to the back of my neck and within a short period of time I could feel the difference. That evening I slept like a baby, which I hadn’t had sleep like that in years. I woke up feeling wonderful! The next evening was an event on the Zija products and the CBD squares which I was interested in. I went and was so glad that I did! This square has helped me immensely! I also recently was told by my doctor to lower my blood pressure in two weeks or I would be put on meds…the last two days since using the square my blood pressure has lowered radically! I have no words! I’m so grateful! Thank you Ameo for such an amazing product! I look forward to trying other products!’


Testimonial from Gary in Texas:overnight I’ve gotten noticeable results from my first square!! Put it on around 5 pm yesterday. Hand had more flexibility than usual when I got up. Slept wellBack and neck not sore or stiff. Been up and down ladder this morning cleaning out a run of gutters. No probs with a chore that normally is a struggle 👌. Thanks for selling me those squares.”


FROM Vonda Fisher: For the first time in over a year I was able to climb up and down more than 2 stairs without help (20 actually) without pain!!! I have inflammation in my whole body and have had several surgeries in last 15 months and not been sleeping well, but now with Entune Squares I can!!!


Testimonial today from an ER Nurse: “I read a physician’s testimonial & one of his suggestions to a woman was to ‘place the Entune CBD Square on the top of the left foot’. I did not know why the left foot, but, decided to give it a try on my left foot. Went in for a 12hr shift in the ER. I did not experience the usual foot/hip or general discomfort I always have noticed from walking those concrete floors.
SO…I actually messaged the physician to ask that very question! Here is his response: “it is a Meridian, from Chinese medicine, for stress.”
Where there is a problem…there’s often a simple solution. With the Améo Entune squares you don’t have to take any oils orally, no dosages, or bad taste.. Just peel and stick on ..simple and effective.”   
If you are ready to experience what a reliable dose of cbd might accomplish in your body, give the squares a try. Entune is an unprecedented cbd + beneficial herbs 24 hour time release trans-dermal square that is a new to market product already getting excellent feedback from customers.Proven ingredients & FDA compliant!! Doctor Oz tested several CBD’s on the market. Only a few had traces of CBD. Entune Square delivers 16.5 mg each with a 24 hour release system. It is not taken out by the liver! Get squared up!


Testimonial from Vivian Johnston! –
‘The “Squares” really do work! I wore 6 squares, one per day (from the New Year prelaunch). I noticed that my sinuses totally drained and my breathing was easier. I also had greatly reduced pain and inflammation in my hip from long time severe bursitis. My big surprise from this was that after only wearing two “Squares”, I was able to put full weight on both hips and walk like a “normal” person. It never reverted back. This is huge for me!  I waited two more weeks to get my 30 day supply of ENTUNE CBD “Squares”. The pain and inflammation was beginning to return. I then used two more squares and I am doing things in the house with energy that I haven’t done all winter. My physical therapist is impressed and my progress is happening faster because I can move. I’ll let you know what happens after 30 days!

From Bonnie and Brian : SEIZURES 

Katie B my 30 yr old daughter is a mentally handicapped kid that has as many as 20 to 40 seizures a month. Over all these years trying to find the right cocktail of pharmaceuticals has been a real journey. It’s heartbreaking to see your kid go through the side effects.
Katie B has had the Entune patch on now for five days. SEIZURE FREE!!!

She is a gorgeous girl and a social butterfly so pics will follow. She will be an Entune poster child. 1 UPDATE: on Katie B. She has been wearing the Entune square for 11 days and she has only had 3 small seizures.This is really great news as the number of seizures reduced dramatically from expected 10-15 during that span. The severity of each seizure has been mild compared to what we usually see as well. Her attitude is happy and up beat, sleep is improved and, in my opinion she appears brighter and sharper:))so… we went to Culver’s by her home for ice cream:So far seizures down in numbers by 80%  Severity greatly reduced- they barely slow her down now. Before Entune a bad one would wipe her out for hours:(  Sleep improved, Appears happy, More focus to complete tasks. 2 UPDATE: Katie B’s Caregiver has logged 8-9 small seizures since she started wearing the square for first time 3/14. Typically in a 5 week period Katie would have as many as 50 and be wiped out for hours afterwards. Her friends and the people she interacts report she is happier, easier to direct and if she has a seizure recovers quickly now.
(What a difference in her confidence and calmness in her eyes in the photos!)

Getting Started. After 1 month.


TESTIMONY: from Bridget Wilson-Gaines  I used my first Entune square and this morning, did not have to take a Norco to get out of bed which has been a daily ritual see I was hit by a bus years ago I use medical marijuana and narcotics as prescribed by my primary care physician however, I have never woken up where I didn’t have to take not even Tylenol before today. This is a true testimony I give God the Glory for what Zija has brought to the Platform this is going to propel us to stratosphere.
OPIOD TESTIMONIAL: I can’t thank you enough for this product! For the recovering opioid addict in my life this is EVERYTHING! He’s been in outpatient treatment at a methadone clinic since 2012 and they have no desire to help him get off of it. He’s been tapering his dose on his own and the resulting full body aching, sickness and anxiety are nearly unbearable…until now! An hour after the first patch went on there was only a little discomfort in his feet and hands. Neck, back, arms and legs good. The anxiety that comes at night didn’t come. He slept comfortably all night and today was a good day. I really can’t thank you enough!
Soreness: Since Brendin (13 years old) got his cast taken off you can imagine the soreness and stiffness he has had. Saturday we had all day baseball..on the way to the hour long batting lesson we put an Entune Square on him.  After an hour batting it was a 2 1/2 hour long practice. He said his wrist was sore during the batting in the lesson, but after that no more pain. Last night we were playing cards when he said “Mom I want to wear a square all the time. It makes me feel so calm” He also said it helps him sleep better. The Entune is amazing and I don’t have to worry about what I am giving him…it is natural.

Pets are having good experiences as well!!!

from Rich & Sherry; Our miniature American Eskimo “Lily Grace”, had hip surgery about a year ago and we’ve had her on tramadol on and off. It seems to relieve some of the pain but I’ve had an Entune Square on for the last couple of days seems to be pain-free walking without holding the leg up or even limping. I’ve only used a quarter of a square per day. Thanks to Ameo Entune our little girl is feeling much better.

FROM Julie Green: “I have RLS. I get it during the night and also in travel.  At night now I  put an Entune square on my inner thigh.  When I travel I put on the inside of my bicep.  It knocks RLS out in about 10 minutes if I’ve forgotten and wait til it occurs.  I get restful sleep at night. I mean I don’t even move some nights. I swear by it!  I haven’t taken pharmaceuticals in over a year so I just suffered with it prior to Entune.  Some nights I used the muscle rub. It helps too but there is nothing like Entune to stop the wiggles when they happen.’
FROM Sean Mitchell: ‘Well I have been taking 300mg of gabapentin  two times a day for neuropathy and restless leg syndrome for years now. I have been on the Entune squares now for almost 3 weeks and have only needed my meds one time. That was due to pain from the neuropathy when a bad weather front came in. I am a believer. Wear The Square…….’
WATCH video here explaining Entune

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