Source the BEST Moringa Oleifera

Poised to become ‘the next quinoa’, moringa has definitely earned its moniker as the miracle tree. What makes it so special is that each part of the plant has a specific use:

Leaves: This is the most nutritious part of the plant as it is a significant source of vitamins like vitamin B, C, A and K among other essential nutrients such as amino acids and fiber.
Drumsticks: The edible immature seed pods are commonly known as drumsticks remain particularly high in vitamin C & minerals.
Seeds: Rich in essential fatty acids, these contain high-quality vitamin C and moderate amounts of vitamin B and dietary minerals.
Roots: The ends of the plant have a distinctive sharp flavour derived from the significant content of polyphenol.


A great deal of scientific research and development has been performed to maximize the many benefits of Moringa in easy-to-use products. By doing so, those that consume Zija’s Moringa-based products can expect the utmost benefits from 90+ verified nutrients that Moringa oleifera contains.

  1. The right botanical! Moringa oleifera is one of 13 species belonging to the moringaceae family. Moringa oleifera is the most scientifically studied and nutritionally beneficial out of the 13 species…not all moringa trees are genetically pure and many have been adulterated.
  2. Proper sourcing! Moringa’s nutritional value is dependent on it’s growing conditions and environment. The most nutritious moringa in the world grows in arid climates of India…which is where we harvest ours carefully by hand to ensure the highest quality.
  3. Optimum manufacturing conditions! We manufacture our moringa in a warehouse that monitors, & controls, free radicals, temperature & humidity.
  4. Shade drying! most companies damage their moringa quality by fast drying with infrared or sun drying techniques. We use a longer, more expensive but perfected shade drying process that preserves the bio availability of the nutrients…shade drying can increase vital nutrients up to 40-fold!
  5. We use the seeds, leaves & fruit! the whole food, which maximizes nutrient variety & composition ..see top of article!
  6. Most nutritious & bio available form! our liquid form is faster & easier to absorb into the body & has greater digestibility & improved potency.

It would take handfuls of capsules to get the equivalent nutrition to one convenient packet of Supermix .

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