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Autism Results

Dr. Amod TootlaM.D., F.A.C.S., F.I.C.S.  Clinical trial with mangosteen and Autistic Children. The AUTISM RESEARCH RESULTS LINK  is below underneath Dr Tootla’s short Bio and shows the results.
If you are interested in natural support for Autism, you will find the powerpoint rigorous & stories of the children heartwarming.

Dr. Tootla is a world-renowned, board certified cancer surgeon and leading scientist. Named one of the top surgeons in the United States by the Consumer Research Council of America in Washington, DC for five years in a row, he was also  named by Cambridge University as one of the top 2000 scientist in the world for the 21st Century.

Dr. Tootla was licensed to practice in 20 different countries and has the distinction of having introduced robotic surgery in the United States. He is a pioneer of laparoscopic colon surgery and has published numerous papers in the most prestigious medical journals in the world, including the New England Journal of Medicine. Dr. Tootla was the first surgeon to do surgery over the Internet; from Michigan to Buenas Aires in Argentina as reported on the front pages of the Wall Street Journal. Recently, he was the first surgeon to use radio frequency ablation for primary and metastatic liver cancer. Dr. Tootla has used the original Patented wholefood Mangosteen Juice with well in excess of 1000 of his patients to date.

Link to> Autism Results Study

Here are a number of stories submitted by other families who have used the original Patented whole food mangosteen juice with their Autistic children. It is refreshing to see simple, natural solutions help some children.

*Personal experiences are not meant for treating or diagnosing illness.

Cathy & Jason

Our little boy (3 at the time) was diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) in December ’03 and when we found Mangosteen Juice in January ’04, started taking approx. 30mls (1oz) of our mangosteen product at breakfast. We noticed an improvement in his speech during the first few days and our doctor was so impressed with his improvement after two months, he suggested we increase the dosage to 30mls x 3 times a day. At the time of writing he has improved incredibly in all areas … speech, digestion, eye contact, motor skills, general understanding, increased energy levels, playing with other children … during this time he started calling out for us by name and a few weeks ago even answered the telephone when it rang!! Our excitement with these improvements will make perfect sense to all the parents out there that have Autistic children :). Starting March/April this year (2004), our boy also has been attending a special needs pre-school, weekly speech therapy sessions, occupational therapy sessions every two weeks and, more recently, started on a low gluten/low casein, low salicylate/low amine diet. Due to his older brother’s condition, our new son (10 months now) has an increased chance of developing ASD. Our Doctor, an Autism specialist, has suggested a number of preventative measures for us with the inclusion of our mangosteen product in his daily diet high on the list. We are thrilled with the improvement that taking our mangosteen product has had with our little boy and share our mangosteen product with every parent we can.

Brenda from Wyoming

We have a five year old son who is autistic and epileptic. he would not go to bed till 1:00 or 2:00 AM. He was restless all night, constipated and would avoid contact of any kind with new people. He only knew a few words and it was hard to get him to try new ones. Since being on mangosteen juice he has greatly improved in all of these areas including speech and sleep habits. It’s nice to finally get to bed by 10:00 PM and sleep through the night!

Karen from Ohio

Our adult son Benjamin has Autism. Over the years, he has had numerous behavior problems including biting his hand and screaming; hitting the walls; knocking furniture over; dumping his food; pushing and grabbing; temper tantrums; etc. If Ben were suddenly woken up during the night he would stay awake for about 2 hours with the first half an hour biting his hand, screaming and pounding the walls. Ben had numerous colds, strep throat and allergy problems. He was on several antibiotics during that time. He hardly ate and dumped his food usually during breakfast and/or lunch. Our doctor prescribed a very strong antibiotic called Vancomycin because of bacteria in his urine test. After 10 days of taking the drug we saw no changes in Ben and he was still flipping out daily. On Friday, June 10, 2005 we gave Ben one ounce of the juice with his breakfast and one ounce with his dinner. What I am about to tell you is totally true and not exaggerated. Within 24 hours – Saturday June 11, Ben ate all three meals and snacks in-between without dumping any food. Over the weeks my husband and I watched with amazement as our son laughed and hugged us more. He has been drinking the mangosteen juice for a year now and the challenging behaviors we observed in our home have decreased 70-80%. With the doctor’s approval we have taken him off Naltrexone, which was used for hand biting; Gastrocrom (food allergies) and Benadryl. As of April 4, 2006 we have completely taken Ben off Tegretol, which he took daily for 30 years. He has been more attentive and interactive with us. If he is suddenly woken up at night he doesn’t bite his hand, scream or knock furniture over and he goes back to sleep. Plus he has not been sick or had to take any antibiotics for a year. He still has a very long way to go but the good days out number the bad. We thank God for the mangosteen juice.

Kara from BC

I can honestly say, I wish I had known about the benefits of Mangosteen Juice and eleviv long before we started my 15 year old daughter (Diagnosed with Autism at the age of 7) on it two years ago. At 12 years of age Abby began a daily dose of 2 oz Mangosteen Juice along with 2 capsules of eleviv. Within three weeks we noticed she was able to process input and respond quicker and more efficiently. Her anxiety decreased so dramatically, it was like she was a different child. She started to initiate conversation for the first time in her life. She previously was taking a psychostimulant (concerta) for attention deficit, as well as an anti-psychotic medication (risperidone) to help with anxiety and behavior outbursts. Within 6 months she is completely off all medications. The Mangosteen juice along with eleviv have replaced these medications, for her. How wonderful it is to see a natural product do such amazing things for “my child”. A girl that was trapped in her own world is now an outspoken social teenager. She can maintain friendships now and socialize without being overcome with anxiety. How could this be true??? This is the best description I could find: One of the contributing factors in symptoms associated with Autism is directly linked to digestive problems, otherwise known as “leaky gut syndrome”. This conditions alters or damages the bowel lining, which increases permeability of the gut wall. Substances like toxins, microbes, undigested food and waste can leak through the gut wall. These substances directly affect the body by creating an immune reaction. This reaction can be seen in behavioral issues, ADD/ADHD, sensory issues, as well as speech and language difficulties. When Abby was taking the medications there were many side effects to deal with as well. Small stature (she was under the 1st percentile on the growth chart), irregular weight lose, as well as sleep problems (Night Terrors). She was also experiencing other issues that were not related to the medication or the Autism, but were general health issues. She always had cavities no matter how diligent we were with brushing, and she had very deep , dark purple circles under her eyes. Since she has been on Mangosteen Juice and Eleviv, her overall health has dramatically improved. She has a good appetite, has gained weight and for the first time in her life is actually in her proper weight range for her age. Her teeth are healthy and her skin is clear, No dark circles. Most importantly for Abigale, Mangosteen Juice has helped to improve her digestive problems and stopped the toxins from entering her body, and inevitably her brain. I have researched a lot of different things with regards to alternate therapies and alternate treatments. With all honestly I will say that Mangosteen Juice is the real thing. It is natures true remedy, for many ailments. I’m not saying its a cure for Autism. I’m saying it treated the symptoms that effected my daughter. Now that she isn’t dealing with many of the above listed symptoms any longer, she has had great improvements in all areas of cognitive therapies. She has excelled both mentally and physically!

Message me  here for more specific information on the products used in the study.

See chart below showing the rise in the research on mangosteen.

In the last decade, there has been a remarkable increase in the amount of research being done on the Garcinia Mangostana, mangosteen, botanical. The rise in the number of publications is shown in the chart below. Science has proven that Mangosteen is remarkable for its vast range of health properties, covering all 5 phytonutrient classes that most botanicals fall into:

  • Xanthones   (69 found, more being researched)

  • Proanthocyananidins   (grapes, picnogenol)

  • Anthocyananidins   (raspberries, strawberries, etc)

  • Catechins   (green tea)

  • Polysaccharides   (aloe vera – Aloe vera has this only class)

  • Benzophenones

  • Phytosterols   (flax, soybean, coconut oil)

Chart below indicates the impressive increase in the published research on mangosteen in the last few years ! The science community is obviously impressed with it’s efficacy.


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