Clinical Grade Essential Oils

AMEO OILS have technology that confirms the clinical grade quality of it’s oils.  The Ameo oils surpass the quality and clinical purity of competitors. Améo  can prove, with complete transparency, the constituents of each oil. This is changing the way the world looks at essential oils. In order to be considered “clinical” quality the oils must be in the purest form, and must be backed by peer reviewed clinical studies, and have the ability to prove the claim with science.  Améo proves cell permeability through this ground breaking new technology. Consumers can look up each batch number to view the test results, Gas chromatography, purity and PH of the soil, and watch the oil permeate the cells under a microscope. All essential oils are not created equal. Compared with companies that have been around for more than 20 years, Ameo testing cannot be disputed.

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Purity and quality are the two most important aspects of any essential oil. Both affect its therapeutic value, aroma, color, potency and, when applicable, flavor.

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