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My Mom passed away from dementia….in her 70’s. Brain health/cognition & neuroprotection are very important to me.

Recently published, medical research on mangosteen xanthones & Alzheimer Disease (AD) are very encouraging, for protection as well as for therapy.

  1.  Mangosteen xanthone can demonstrate its therapeutic effects, to remarkably AMELIORATE neurological changes and REVERSE behavioral deficits in Alzheimer Disease model!  IMPROVED cognitive functions and ALLEVIATED neuronal injury can be OBSERVED.
  2. Effective against Alzheimers Disease, and for therapy of the Disease. “natural xanthones have multifunctional activities against Alzheimer disease (AD) and..for the therapy of AD.”
  3. Mangosteen  Xanthones  increase mental cognition and do anti-alzheimer work.
  4.  Intervention of multiple pathological processes of ALZHEIMER DISEASE

Due to the incomparable nutritional value of mangosteen I include it in my daily health regimen.  My personal choice, for wholesale pricing of the very best Mangosteen CLICK HERE

Link to recent published science research scroll to see multiple papers on neuroprotection for MS, Parkinsons too.

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