Feel Better Adaptogens

Adaptogens are herbal pharmaceuticals. They work to counteract the effects of stress in the body.

Stress causes very real physical changes in the body, including harming the neurological, endocrine, and immune systems. Adaptogens have stimulant properties that help counteract those harmful effects. Adaptogens were first developed & used as a “superhero” pill that’d let pilots fly better, faster, & for longer periods of time. Researchers have now found adaptogens have multiple protective effects on the body. Stress is necessary for growth, so adaptogens don’t make stress disappear. They support your body while it’s in a state of active resistance from the stress for an extended time. 

1. neuroprotective elements
2. anti-fatigue properties
3. anti-depressive effects
4. stimulant for central nervous system
5. increase mental work capacity, enhance attention
6. prevent stress and fatigue.

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People have been using adaptogens for thousands of years. But how did they suddenly become so popular? Isagenix Founder, Owner, and Chairman, Jim Coover, is a pioneer in bringing adaptogens to modern-day supplements. Find out more about Jim Coover’s work with Dr. Israel Brekhman, a Soviet pharmacologist who wanted to do more than keep soldiers alert & what happened when the USSR crumbled. Read more.

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