The 5 People Who Determine Your Income

You are always the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. The late Jim Rohn taught that and he was an early mentor of mine.

 If I wanted to find out how much income you earned, all I had to do was take the average income of your five closest friends and that would be your income!

Initially when I first heard this, I refused to believe it was true. But as I thought about it, & paid attention to people, I had to admit  it was! Birds of a feather flock together! I had goals of increasing my net worth far beyond not just my own experience, but beyond that of my friends as well. I would need to “spend time” with people who made a lot more money,  AND who had achieved  business success.

I Had to Change!  My initial denial was because the advice made me uncomfortable with where I was in life.

 I thought I’d have to give up friends but what was really involved, was adding new ones instead… wealthy people don’t run adverts seeking new friends or inviting you over for a chat!!  I remember sitting in my house, looking around and thinking “how am I going to find 5 people who will spend time with me and are a lot more wealthy and successful than me??

 Very quickly I learned ….

Stop Wasting Time Trying to Change People

Have you ever spent time trying to change someone and all you got was resentment and arguments?  It’s sad sometimes, because even with the best intentions in mind, you can never change people. You can evolve WITH them, but only when they are equally engaged in the process.

You Can Always Choose Who You Are With

Once accepting that you cannot change people, you can take steps to change the people you are with. If the people at the “water cooler” of your life are negative, then you can make the choice to stop participating in the drama. Believe me, they will all get along just fine without you. It becomes interesting to note how many people never miss you once you change.

How I found 5 People.

What to do about EVERY DAY hanging out with rich people?? I went to the local bookstore. I still remember the UNCOMFORTABLE FEELING being in the Business Aisle at the bookstore. I kept waiting for someone to come over and say “you don’t belong here”. Anyhow, first two books that caught my eye were Robert Kiyosaki “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and T. Harv Eker “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind”.  Robert and Harv …my first 2 rich “friends” started to revolutionize how I thought about money!! SO DIFFERENT from anything I had known before. I hung out with these guys every day reading and re-reading their words.

There are now hundreds of motivational, life improving videos is simple now, to have more than 5 wealthy people to learn from. The income of the 5 people I am now learning and taking advice from is vastly different from previous years. Jim Rohn had set me on a course that radically changed my life forever.

After decades of thinking business people were dorks or geeks or suits or robots I have fallen in love with the tremendous creativity of business building. It’s an adventure with personal development & many challenges that have enriched my life, added adventure, possibilities & the dignity of a life vision far bigger than I had glimpsed when I first started my home based business journey to freedom. The advice, that first made me uncomfortable, was some of the best advice I have ever taken to heart.

ARE YOU READY FOR CHANGE?? You can partner with my team of hustlers, take advantage of our support and the high value of the company we represent – As a full time professional for over a decade now, I am available for free consultations and Q&A if you are seriously looking.    To your life success!  

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