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January 2020

Mangosteen Wellness

Prevention for Women

Anti cancer research from the last 5 years specific to women’s health are good to know about!  I like to share with others who see value in wholefood supplements & have a mindset of prevention. 1- Breast & Colon rectal Cancer: ‘Cancer has proceeded to surpass one of the most chronic illnesses to be the major cause of mortality in both the developing and developed world..mangostana fruit hulls..a natural cytotoxic agent against various cancers.. for the scientific rationale of using G. mangostana in anti-cancer treatment. 2- Breast Cancer: mangosteen ‘may…

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Entune CBD Results

BUY ENTUNE HERE  WATCH video here explaining Entune advantages from Stefaan in Belgium:  2 weeks ago, I got the chance to test out an Entune cbd patch. 5 months ago, I had shoulder surgery to try to correct a problem. Every since the surgery, I still have pain in my arm. Half an hour after I put the Entune on my upper arm, the pain in my arm was as good as gone!! The intention is to leave the Entune…

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