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November 2018


The Queen of Fruits

In 2002, The Queen of Fruits was first made commercially available in  XANGO JUICE ! This juice remains the only mangosteen whole-fruit juice.  A strategic partnership with Wild Flavors, took several years designing special manufacturing processes to grind the entire fruit, including rind, pericarp, seeds and pulp, into a palatable formula safe for all ages. This juice deliciously delivers the full nutritional value of mangosteen to the homes of consumers. For centuries, those in Southeast Asia have revered the mangosteen, both for its flavor and the suggestion that…

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Mangosteen Wellness

Do You Struggle with Joint Inflammation?

Do you, or someone you know, struggle with joint inflammation? There’s a lot of good news about naturally reducing that inflammation and protecting your joints against damage. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know how harmful long term drug use can be. (click here if you don’t know). Often allopathic interventions do not solve the problems underlying the inflammation and merely mask symptoms allowing further wear and tear.  There are 2 natural whole foods scientifically proven to lower inflammation markers. Plants that have effective,…

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