Health Protection with Xanthones

Exceptional research by the science community!  I use a Patented whole food puree mangosteen daily for xanthone protection.  click here to Contact me for info on mangosteen products
NEW in 2018::
1-BREAST CANCER LINES: showed a significant reduction in cell adhesion that did not stimulate cell migration but, on the contrary, blunted cell motility.
2- BREAST & LUNG CANCER: NEW Xanthones discovered. Compound 5 showed significant cytotoxic potential against epithelial lung carcinoma and breast carcinoma cell lines.
3- OSTEOPOROSIS: fresh juice mixtures (mangosteen) can be used as a remedy for the prevention of postmenopausal osteoporosis
4- ARTHRITIS & JOINTS:  superior anti-inflammatory effects..regulation of immune functions was deeply involved in the therapeutic actions of mangosteen on Arthritis, and it was associated to the protection of joints
5- LIVER DAMAGE from drugs remarkably enhanced
6-IMPROVES INSULIN SECRETION (diabetics) protects from apoptotic (cancer)
7- DIABETIC CHRONIC INFLAMMATIONS LESSENED in adipose (connective) tissue. Critical to avoid onset of of insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes
8- DIABETIC CONTROL of obesity, insulin resistance, and inflammation
9- Thai Doctors unveil successful use mangosteen product with cancer patients.\

10- Significantly reduced the production of inflammatory factors. a xanthone from mangosteen rind

11 PROVING αMangosteen inhibits the hallmark mechanisms of inflammation acts well as an anti-inflammatory agent.
12- Primary LIVER CANCER results: mangosteen has been reported for its cell-death induction and its chemosensitizing and anti-metastatic properties in MANY cancer cell types, such as OVARIAN cancer, LUNG cancer, and hepatocellular  carcinoma.
2017 Research ::
1-  Hepatocellular (liver), Breast, Colonrectal Cancer: natural cytotoxic agent against various cancers. click here
2- Anti Bacterial and anti fungal properties:
5-  Late stage APOPTOSIS “It is noteworthy that the new compound can promote cells apoptosis in late stage, having a remarkable inhibition effect..”

6- Prevent Heart hypertension  garcinia mangostana…prevented the development of hypertension and cardiovascular remodeling induced by ..oxidative stress and inflammation”

7- Bile Duct CANCER cholangiocarcinoma: “α-mangostin from Garcinia mangostana pericarp could inhibit CCA cell proliferation by inducing apoptosis through the mitochondrial pathway; induce G1 cell-cycle arrest; and inhibit metastasis. Moreover, α-mangostin could inhibit CCA growth, i.e. reduce tumor mass (weight and size).”

8- PERIDONTAL disease…cavities, pockets, bleeding gums etc “significant improvement in the periodontal status with the application of mangostana gel in periodontal pockets”

9-Efflux/detox the body from drug build up including chemo naturally with the mangosteen that is also be cancer preventative and anti tumor

10-COLITIS significantly prevented weight loss, reduced disease activity index scores, and preserved colon length. Findings suggest that MGE alleviates ulcerative colitis

11-Anti-inflammatory results from naturally occurring mangosteen are better than its synthetic counterparts

12- Lowers Pancreatic CHOLESTEROL Hypercholesterolemia is a major risk factors for the development and progression of atherosclerosis. mangosteen can  prevent and treat cardiovascular diseases associated with hypercholesterolemia

13- Pancreatic Cancer mangosteen “can induce apoptosis and autophagy in pancreatic cancer cells”

14-Ovarian Cancer Excellent effects in anticancer activities by inducing apoptosis and suppressing migration and invasion

15- Strong ANTIBACTERIAL properties in newly discovered xanthone click here.

16- Killing and eradicating DRUG RESISTANT staphylococci INFECTIONS click here

17- DIABETIC vascular complications protected click here

18- DEPRESSION behaviors are reversed by acute garcinia mangosteen treatment (mangosteen equals drug performanceclick here

19- Delays progression of & has a potential therapeutic effect on OSTEO ARTHRITIS click here

20- A promising strategy against MELANOMA click here. And inhibits SKIN CANCER click here

21- ANTIVIRAL α-mangostin  INHIBITS severe DENV (mosquito borne virus) better than antiviral agent (ribavirin) and anti inflammatory drug (dexamethasone). click here

22- CERVICAL CANCER (2) dietary antioxidant α-mangostin could inhibit the tumor growth of cervical cancer cells. click here

23- KIDNEY CANCER α-mangostin suppresses cell migration and invasion… a promising anti-metastatic click here

24- ANTI INFLAMMATORY β-mangostin demonstrated better anti-inflammatory activity than synthetic drugs ! click here

25- FATTY LIVER and INSULIN RESISTANCE alpha mangostin ameliorates (makes it better) click here

26- HEART significantly increased myocardial relaxation click here

27- alpha-mangostin novel neuroprotective agent through intervention of multiple pathological processes of ALZHEIMERS DISEASE (AD)(4th paper I have seen showing AD results) click here

28- PARKINSONS DISEASE α-mangostin has neuroprotective effects against related neuronal injury. click here

29-  reduced brain levels of Neuroinflammation in AD (Alzheimer Disease), PD (Parkinson’s Disease) MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS           evaluating apha mangosteen as an adjuvant treatment in  neurodegenerative diseases. click here

2016 Research::

1- Cervical Cancer:”Mangostin showed the strongest suppression of human cervical cancer

2- Breast Cancer: (#3 study) “α-mangostin may be used as food supplement ..therapeutic compound for breast cancer.”

3- Tongue Cancer: “α-mangostin induces the apoptosis of …tongue carcinoma cell”

4- Lung Cancer: a natural xanthone, was isolated from Garcinia mangostana… Apoptosis (kills cancer cells) in Lung Cancer Cells and Decreases Xenograft Tumor Growth”

5- Effective against Macular Degeneration.  “alpha-mangostin could suspend the onset and development of Age-related Macular Degeneration.”

6-   Effective against Alzheimers Disease, and for therapy of the Disease. “natural xanthones have multifunctional activities against Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and..for the therapy of AD.”

7- Effective to promote growth of Stem Cells (help repair brain injury or degenerative central nervous system diseases…develop garcinone D as a lead compound to promote the proliferation of endogenous neural stem cells (NSCs).”

8- Blood sugar control

9- Reduce inflammation

10- Reduce hypoglycemia/Possibly increase insulin

2013-2015 Research::

1) Mangosteen antibiotics against Super Bugs

2) Auto immune, arthritis help
3) Breast and prostate Cancer 2013
9) Inhibits Human Cancer. Anti proliferation
10) Liver Cancer (hepatocellular) Antitumour
12) Alzheimers and Cognition
14) Multiple Pharmalogical Properties
15) Dental Caries Prevention
16) Preventing/treating Acne without toxicity
17) Treatment of inflammatory conditions (Cox-2 inhibition means lowers pain and inflammation)
22) 46% reduction of C Reactive Protein markers (measures inflammation levels in the blood) in the test group drinking a mangosteen based beverage. No side effects!!
Daily I use a Patented wholefood puree of mangosteen, that tastes great, for prevention!!!
The rind of the mangosteen fruit is considered by those familiar with it to be perhaps the most formidable, natural, herbal healing substance on the whole of the Earth. Click Here for medical professionals info about they use mangosteen juice.
The truly amazing and totally unique thing about the Mangosteen fruit is that it is the only fruit in the world that contains such a massive arsenal of so very many natural phytochemicals, all in one fruit.
 If you want info on the specific MANGOSTEEN products I am using, contact me here

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