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Detox for Weight Management

We all have stubborn areas in our body, specifically around our bellies, hips and thighs. Targeted weight loss of trouble areas hasn’t been proven through calorie restriction; however, you can reduce trouble areas through hormone and diet moderation. Specific detoxification methods can help with trouble areas. Fat cells have traits that make them exceptionally stubborn, especially around the stomach, hips and thighs. A targeted detoxification method, with the right herbs, can help minimize these traits, allowing for accelerated weight loss. Detoxing…

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Mangosteen Wellness

Prevention for Women

Community efforts and fund raisers to draw people’s attention to “cures” for cancer, or “awareness” of various diseases, often use a tag line “early detection saves lives”. All well and good. My tag line is “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” Anti cancer research from the last 5 years specific to women’s health are good to know about, and to share with others who appreciate prevention and see value in wholefood supplements. 1- Breast & Colon rectal Cancer: ‘Cancer has proceeded to surpass…

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Health Protection with Xanthones

Exceptional research by the science community!  I use a Patented whole food puree mangosteen daily for xanthone protection.  click here to Contact me for info on mangosteen products NEW in 2018:: 1-BREAST CANCER LINES: showed a significant reduction in cell adhesion that did not stimulate cell migration but, on the contrary, blunted cell motility. 2- BREAST & LUNG CANCER: NEW Xanthones discovered. Compound 5 showed significant cytotoxic potential against epithelial lung carcinoma and breast carcinoma cell lines. 3- OSTEOPOROSIS: fresh juice mixtures…

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