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UNISEX Daily Personal Care

NOURISH SKIN NATURALLY: GenM bridges the generation gap to bring healthy, safe beauty back to the masses with an affordable UNISEX line of high-quality products. Paraben-free~Paraffin-free~Phthalate-free~Sulfate-free~Preservative-free~Free of harsh chemicals~Free of mineral oils~Free of artificial colors~Free of artificial fragrances~Non-comodegenic~Cruelty-free WATCH>>> Watch more  GenM videos or BUY CLICK HERE *Charcoal Activated deodorant outstanding product!   *Whitening toothpaste (fluoride free) * Moisturizing Body Bar is 100% natural, & contains Moringa seed oil’s 30 antioxidants (which is great for nourishing the skin)! *BODY Oil Moisturizer will deeply nourish and provide pure hydration for your entire body. The restorative properties each…

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