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Prevention for Women

Community efforts and fund raisers to draw people’s attention to “cures” for cancer, or “awareness” of various diseases, often use a tag line “early detection saves lives”. All well and good. My tag line is “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”

Anti cancer research from the last 5 years specific to women’s health are good to know about, and to share with others who appreciate prevention and see value in wholefood supplements.

1- Breast & Colon rectal Cancer: ‘Cancer has proceeded to surpass one of the most chronic illnesses to be the major cause of mortality in both the developing and developed world..mangostana fruit hulls..a natural cytotoxic agent against various cancers.. for the scientific rationale of using G. mangostana in anti-cancer treatment.

2- Breast Cancer: mangosteen ‘may be used as food supplement or a potential therapeutic compound for breast cancer’. It ‘induces apoptosis in human breast cancer’

3- Cervical Cancer: Mangostin showed the strongest suppression of human cervical cancer

4- Ovarian Cancer: apoptosis and suppressing migration and invasion in ovarian cancer cells.

5- Inhibits  stops proliferation: of human cancers

6- Breast and Prostrate cancer: breakdown of which xanthones work the best killing the cancer

7- Breast and Lung Cancer: NEW Xanthones discovered. Compound 5 showed significant cytotoxic potential against epithelial lung carcinoma and breast carcinoma cell lines.

8- Skin melanoma and squamous cell carcinoma: anti invasion, suppressed the metastatic processes

9- Pancreatic Cancer: induced apoptosis (cell death)

CLICK HERE for links to most recent research showing👉 eradicates liver cancer, kills stomach, colon, tongue, bladder, leukemia, lung, and bile duct cancers…and more significant potential.

** NCBI/Pubmed archives science, funded by medical and pharmaceutical facilities for synthetic drug development.

For decades now, people drink citrus juice because they KNOW vitamin C is beneficial. They don’t “feel” anything from that juice, but they understand it is preventative.  In my mind, this new, strong scientific evidence** to support using wholefood mangosteen juice, including the rind and all the xanthones, for prevention.

The drug companies may eventually synthesize xanthones and use them in drugs. Chart below showing the increase in the scientific publications on mangosteen for proof they are trying! Consider yourself ahead of the knowledge curve as it could be decades until the average person is aware of and understands the power of XANTHONES.

Meanwhile, I will drink my Xango juice with gratitude for the whole fruit mangosteen puree, because I love it’s possibilities for prevention. It is the only authentic value mangosteen product I will ever has a proven track record and NSF manufacture. Shopping Carts to personalize. Make your choice, delete the rest!
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