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There are polls/surveys that say over 70% of people wish they could own their own business rather than work for someone else. One friend of mine told me she used to “have the widget dream” ALL the time…you know, that invention of yours, that IF ONLY…….& the years go by…So what stops people from launching a  biz? No useful ideas? no start up capital? no time?  no courage?

The vast majority of us are raised and educated in the employee paradigm and we are not taught the mental or emotional skills to start our own business. So what drives our urge to step away from the norm and become dedicated to own a business?? I think it’s freedom. The heartfelt desire to control  our own destiny, to be in charge of our own life, our own time and to develop to our highest potential.

Here’s what I did when I found myself craving more time freedom and life control . As a very busy single Mom of 3 teenage sons, with a career as a freelance musician, and a part time job in an office, I started a network marketing business in my home.

And here’s what happened. A whole new world of business creativity opened up to me. The learning and personal development has been priceless. The people I have met and learned from have been/are amazing humans. The opportunity to build a global based income stream has enthralled me. The frustrations and challenges have exposed my human weakness and pushed me to become a more aware, compassionate and persistent person. And since I chose a company with amazing health products, I feel better than I did two decades ago. And yep, I’ve made money. My  business was cash flow positive from within weeks of start up. Income has gone up, and it’s gone down and then grown again, like all business cycles do. But as the years rolled by, I retired  from my other work and have the self propelled dignity of owning a business and determining my future. I have made freedom. Time and financial freedom.

And here’s the deal. I’d never go back. The journey has been priceless and the income now far exceeds my former career. I now dedicate myself, to reaching out to others craving freedom. I show them the way to honor their inner voice, be courageous and turn heartfelt desire into tangible reality. I have a business system in place, built from my decade+ experience, to assist anyone to succeed who will make a decision and commit to the work. If freedom is calling you , I invite you to have a look click here.... then let’s talk! Contact me here

Brenda Cook (from Classical Musician to Success in MLM)
I used to be a freelance classical musician working the Broadway shows, recording studios and most symphonies in Ontario, Canada. I loved it, but I knew I was trading time for money. I wanted something bigger and knew there was something more for me out there. Then I found XANGO and worked with them for 11 years until they forged a corporate merger with Zija Corp. Once I understood the network marketing industry and realized I could build a true asset and earn financial freedom with leveraged income—I decided to go to work. I retired my mouthpiece for a slice of global bonus pool and royalty income and I now have business in many countries. This opportunity is a direct result of the age we live in today and is exciting to pursue. But the changes have been more than just financial. My family and I have chosen to live our lives free of drugs and toxins in and on our bodies, and the incredible products in our Natural Health Revolution have really helped make that possible. They have totally enhanced our quality of life. We use all of them and we are pleased and proud to refer them to others. Join us!! click here 

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