Prevention for Women

September 20, 2017 zijabrendacook 0

Community efforts and fund raisers to draw people’s attention to “cures” for cancer, or “awareness” of various diseases, often use a tag line “early detection saves […]

Benefits of Mangosteen

March 15, 2017 zijabrendacook 1

I have personally found that drinking the original wholefood mangosteen juice daily can create robust health, & may help prevent illnesses from striking in the first […]

The Queen of Fruits

September 7, 2016 zijabrendacook 1

In 2002, The Queen of Fruits was first made commercially available in  XANGO JUICE ! This juice remains the only mangosteen whole-fruit juice.  A strategic partnership with Wild Flavors, took several […]

Topical Results

August 3, 2016 zijabrendacook 0

When your natural properties are powerful anti bacterial*, anti inflammatory* and Cox 2 inhibiting* (pain relief), you make a spectacular first aid friend!  In my household, there’s always a […]

Xango Juice Protocols

July 15, 2016 zijabrendacook 0

When Xango Juice was brought to market..first time for humans to be able to have access to whole food mangosteen…the company did extensive studies at laboratories […]

Autism Results

June 17, 2016 zijabrendacook 0

Dr. Amod Tootla, M.D., F.A.C.S., F.I.C.S.  Clinical trial with mangosteen and Autistic Children. The AUTISM POWERPOINT LINK  is below underneath Dr Tootla’s short Bio and shows the results. If […]


June 10, 2016 zijabrendacook 3

 I have chosen to use a Patented Whole food puree mangosteen juice daily for prevention. Since I began my love affair with mangosteen, many years ago, […]